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The exceptionally livable city of Tomball is located in Harris County Texas. As part of the Houston metropolitan area, the small city of Tomball enjoy's a small-town feel with the benefit of easy access to the many cultural opportunities provided by the Houston metro area. The over 10,000 residents of Tomball enjoy life in an area known for its affordable houses, great schools, safe neighborhoods, and enjoy a quality of life rarely matched.

History of Tomball

Settlers began arriving in the area of Tomball in the mid-1800s. Many of the original settlers were of German descent, and came to the area in hopes of a better life. The pioneering families found the area around Spring Creek promising and in many ways reminiscent of the home that they left behind in Europe. The area's lush forest and rick soil primed the region for the industries of lumber, farming and livestock.

Shortly after the beginning of the 20th century, the area that is today Tomball was named Peck. Originally the town of Peck was comprised of a railroad stop and a few nearby homes. However, in 1907 the name of the town was changed and the community was officially incorporated as Tomball. The new name for the community was chosen in honor of Thomas Ball, the man who was responsible for routing the rail line through the small community.

oil The honorable Thomas Ball was a Texas politician and lawyer in Houston. The tree-time major of Huntsville, Ball was known as the "Father of the Port of Houston," as he was largely responsible for the development of Houston's port. Thanks to Thomas Ball, the success of the small community of Tomball was ensured for years to come.

The town of Tomball grew and prospered over the next several decades. Soon, the little town struck oil and the small town of Tomball earned the nickname of "Oiltown USA." The once small time oil company that had its humble beginnings in Tomball is known today as Exxon. Today, more than 20 energy companies have roots in the area of Tomball. From these companies, each year more than 100 million barrels of oil and 316 billion cubic feet of natural gas are produced

Life In Tomball

Today, the city of Tomball is home to a vibrant and dynamic community filled with everything from historic homes to natural attractions. Residents of the lively community enjoy an active social calendar with a variety of festivals, live music and sporting events to keep them busy throughout the year. From great shopping and dining to theater and entertainment, the Tomball area has it all.

Dining In Tomball

There are many mouth-watering options for dining in the Tomball area. From old fashioned Texas barbecue to Baja-style Mexican delights, Tomball dining is reflective of true Texas style. Country cooking and tea rooms are just some of Tomball's many unique offerings. In the small community of Tomball families can kick back and enjoy the small pleasures, such as hand-dipped ice cream or fresh picked berries. On weekends, kids and parents alike enjoy a day spent at the Matt Family Orchard. For a more adult experience, residents of Tomball and visitors to the area, partake in sampling the many great flavors available at the more than ten wineries open along the Bluebonnet Wine Trail. For more hoppy pleasures, beer lovers can sample the many craft beers available at one of the area Texas breweries.

Arts And Culture

The cultural offerings of Tomball reflect the town's unique character. Historic attractions, such as the Tomball Museum Center and Tomball’s restored railroad Depot and museum tell the story of the charming community and its interesting history.

The present community can be viewed through a dynamic cultural lens appropriately displayed at one of the town's art exhibits at local galleries or the nearby Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. The Local community is known for its professional theater productions and live performances featuring well known Texan artists.

Throughout the historic downtown shopping, is available at the many wonderful antique stores, boutiques and specialty shops. The Tomball Farmers Market is a regular favorite among the locals, as is family oriented events, such as the “2nd Saturday at the Depot,” an event to benefit the area children.

Popular Events In Tomball
  • Beetles, Brew & Barbecue
  • German Christmas Festival and Christmas on Commerce
  • Rail & Tails Mudbug Festival
  • The Tomball Bluegrass Festival
  • The Tomball German Heritage Festival
  • The Tomball Honky Tonk Music Festival
  • Tomball Night
  • Tomball Texas Music Festival
  • Zomball in Tomball

Parks & Recreation kayak

With more than 575 combined areas of woodlands nearby, the Tomball area is abound with natural areas that allow residents a multitude of recreational options. Tomball's warm client in combination with its access to parks and nature preserves, makes the city a wonderful area for year-round recreation. Poplar recreation in the area includes hiking, biking, fishing, birding, disc golf, and paintball. Residents of Tomball are often seen kayaking or canoeing in Spring or Cypress Creek. Golfing is also a popular activity for many of Tomball's residents. Luckily for residents, the area surrounding Tomball is home to over three dozen driving ranges and golf courses that are perfect for players of all skill levels.

  • Broussard Park
  • Jerry Matheson Park
  • Juergens Park
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Park
  • Railroad Depot and Plaza
  • Theis Attaway Nature Park
  • Wayne Stovall Sports Complex

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