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Houston's Real Estate History Is Fascinating

The Houston real estate market can trace its origins back to 1836 when brothers Augustus and John Allen sold the first Houston homes for sale near the Buffalo Bayou. The Allen brothers advertised these homes in several Texas newspapers to farmers who were looking for new homes for sale that had the potential for future value.

Houston property for sale became popular in the 1920s when many well-known oil companies established their corporate headquarters near Houston's downtown area. This popularity gave home builders the inspiration to construct many beautiful Art Deco and Craftsman-style homes that are occasionally sold by a Houston real estate agent who specializes in selling vintage homes.

Houston would experience several growth periods between 1942 and 1990 that were spurred by an increase in the demand for petroleum. These grow periods were enhanced by Houston's role as one of the nation's leading space research hubs.

Houston ParkHouston is now a metropolis that offers home buyers who purchase a Houston house for sale a fantastic lifestyle that is enhanced by many recreational activities, a modern transportation system and many fantastic employment opportunities. This fantastic lifestyle offers home buyers who hire a realtor to purchase a Houston house for sale a tremendous value that is seldom seen elsewhere in Texas.

For more information about Houston's history, please read the article that can be found at the Online Handbook of Texas website and this brief history written by the Houston Visitors Bureau.

Houston Offers Residents Many Recreational Activities and Facilities

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department maintains seven award-winning golf courses, 37 outdoor swimming pools, 60 community centers, more than 100 hiking trails and more then 360 parks. These facilities offer home buyers who purchase Houston homes for sale access to many outdoor activities that offer families a wonderful way to spend time together.

Space Center HoustonThe Houston Parks and Recreation Department also maintains the West Gray Metropolitian Mutiservice Center. This facility offers home buyers who purchase Houston homes from a real estate agent many classes that offer enjoyable ways to learn new hobbies and skills. It also operates the Houston Parks and Recreation Department's adult and youth sports programs that offer Houston residents a chance to play sports in a fun environment. Houston home buyers who are interested in purchasing Houston property for sale can learn more details about these programs by calling the West Gray Metropolitan Multiservice Center at 832-395-7333 for more details.

Houston Is Home to Many Fun Attractions

Home buyers who are considering relocating to Houston will enjoy purchasing Houston homes from a realtor because they are located near many fun attractions. For example, outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the Lake Houston Wilderness Park and the Johnson Space Center.

Moreover, other popular attractions are located near Houston real estate for saleHouston TX, Real Estate that offers families convenient access to Houston's downtown area. These attractions include include the Alley Theater and the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts.

Houston Also Hosts Many Events That Are Located near Houston Real Estate for Sale

Houston hosts more than 800 events each year that are located near many high-quality Houston homes. Some of these events include the Reliant World Series of Dog Shows, the Freedom Over Texas Fourth of July Celebration and the Houston Veteran's Day Celebration. Home buyers who are interested in purchasing Houston real estate can learn about other Houston events by visiting the Houston Office of Special Event's online calendar.
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